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Sci-Fi Stories
Captain Dublin
And The Vurt Pirate

A new science fiction story featuring Kate Dublin, an intergalactic space cop in the Earth External Police Force.
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Chapter One
A new space mission on an alien planet, for the intergalactic police.
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Chapter Two
A bar on a space station provides the setting for the second chapter in this science fiction story.
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Chapter Three
Kate Dublin heads into outer space in the next chapter of this thrilling SF story.
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New Chapters of
Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate
will be released on this site soon.

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Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate

Chapter 3 - Space Flight

Kate Dublin's usual ship is a three person flier. It is designed so that it can be crewed by less than three people, and in fact is most often only crewed by two people (Kate and Kirby). At times it is even flown by only one person. However it is not the easiest of space vehicles to fly solo, so this time Kate left it in the hanger and took a "Space Snipe" The Space Snipe is a fast, small, single person ship. It can be flown fast, but the cockpit is only big enough for one person, and there are no living quarters. If the pilot needs to sleep, the seat in the cockpit will recline. If they need to use the toilet, the seat opens in the middle to fulfil this function. There is a rudimentary food production machine to the left of the cockpit seat, and enough floor space to the right for the pilot to stand up straight. But the only exercise possible to the space pilot is running on the spot. There is no gravity generator, the pilot is in a constant weightlessness. And there are no washing facilities - if the Space Snipe is used for a long trip, the pilot will be a bit smelly by the time they arrive.

The basic Space Snipe can carry no passengers. However those used by the Earth External Police Force have been slightly adapted to carry prisoners. This involves the addition of a capsule under the vehicle, between where the landing wheels are deployed, that resembles a two person coffin. It is pressurised and designed to hold two prisoners of average humanoid size and shape. It can hold three at a push, but the prisoners will be squashed together and it will be a jolly uncomfortable journey for them. There is no access to this "prisoner pod" from the cockpit, prisoners have to be loaded from the end while the ship is on land. This is not an easy task if the prisoner is struggling (imagine a coffin lying under a low table with the lid nailed down and the foot end open, then imagine trying to force a man who does not want to be put in the coffin, through that opening). For this reason all Earth External Police Force Space Snipes carry a good supply of tranquilisers, designed to render any prisoner unconscious for the purpose of loading them into the prisoner pod!

When empty, the prisoner pod is light enough that it has no noticeable effect on the speed or manoeuvrability of the Space Snipe, but when loaded with prisoners it does slow it very slightly, and makes the controls slightly sluggish. Although it forms a huge carbuncle on the base of the spaceship, and destroys the aerodynamic shape, this does not matter in space where there is no air. However it makes it a bastard to land on any planet that has atmosphere.

Take off was text book smooth, it usually is when Captain Dublin is flying. The Earth External Police Force has offices and barracks across the known universe. Most are in rented space on commercial starbases or on Earth colonised planets. A few are on alien planets with the ruling government's permission. There are even a few clandestine bases hidden on alien worlds without that planet's government's permission or knowledge. However the Earth External Police Force has no legitimate property, either owned or rented, on Earth - this is against their charter (NB "legitimate", they do have a few illegal safe houses on the planet, and a few "dark operatives" who are undercover and totally disavowable). The starbase that Kate took off from was one of the few totally owned by the Earth External Police Force. It was their main base, their headquarters. Ironically it orbits the Earth, a planet no Earth External Police Force operative is allowed to set foot on while on duty, and on which they must register their presence if they visit it off duty. But, as the name implies, the Earth External Police Force was set up by the Earth government and the Earth government is nominally in control of the Earth External Police Force (or so it would like to believe) so their headquarters starbase is kept as close as possible to the Earth without actually being on it. In other words it orbits the planet, in a slightly lower orbit than the moon.

After take off Kate had an easy, uneventful, journey through Earth controlled space (Earth's government considers a radius of 12 billion kilometres from the surface of the sun "Earth controlled space", and no one has yet argued with this - to give you some idea of the area this covers, that is just over twice the distance of the sun to Pluto, or about 2 billion kilometres further than Eris). However, within a million miles beyond the edge of Earth controlled space trouble hit, and hit hard. In terms of space travel, one million miles is a very small distance, and the idea of trouble occurring "just outside" Earth controlled space was unlikely to be coincidence. It is probable that the trouble was deliberately caused, and that it was deliberately timed to occur after Kate had left Earth controlled space and entered neutral space.

The trouble was simple and devastating. The power generator blew up. Without this the Space Snipe would continue to travel forward with the momentum it had initially achieved, there being little friction in space to slow it down. However there was no way Captain Dublin could steer the vehicle without power. This should not be a problem because the ship was already pointed at the Sarg sector. True, Kate had not yet fired to boosters, so the journey would take four to five times as long as expected, but the ship would get there eventually.

In case of emergency the ship carried an emergency power booster. Basically a big battery, this would get her in hailing distance of the nearest inhabited world. However that too was not working. It had not exploded like the main power generator, it was just "not working". It would have been tested before Kate was allowed to board the Snipe, so it must have been sabotaged in the very brief window between testing and launching. Captain Dublin could not see how this was possible, but it had happened, so it must have been possible.

Of course the radio that Kate would have used if she could have got within hailing distance of the nearest inhabited world, carried it's own emergency power booster (a smaller battery). Kate was only just outside Earth controlled space, it would easily reach the nearest Earth beacon. However that emergency power booster was not working either.

So with no engine, and no communications, the ship would take her on a long, slow journey to the Sarg sector.

But the power generator also powered the thing-a-ma-bob (Kate was not mechanically minded - to her most of the devices on the ship, beyond the control panel, were "thing-a-ma-bobs") that broke down the carbon dioxide she breathed out, passing the carbon to the food production thing-a-ma-bob and releasing the oxygen back into the cockpit for the pilot to breath again. Without it, Kate had about half an hour's oxygen in the cockpit if she breathed shallowly, about two hours stored by the "air making thing-a-ma-bob", and a further six hours stored in the rear of the ship for emergency. Even if her space ship had been moving at top speed, this would not have got her to the Sarg sector before the oxygen ran out. At her current speed, it would not even get her close.

The ship would eventually reach it's intended destination, with Kate on board. But by the time it did, Captain Dublin would be long dead!

The fourth chapter of this science fiction story will be added soon. Bookmark this site now so that you don't miss it.

A science fiction detective story set on a planet where women rule and men are kept as slaves.

On Planet Dominatrix only the women are considered human. Men are considered less than animals. They are property, male slaves, to be bought and sold. And to be used in any way their mistress desires. Since these men slaves are not considered human, just property, the killing of a male slave is not considered murder. If you kill someone else's man slave without their mistress' permission then it is vandalism. But no one really cares about the dead male slave.

However what if the killer was not aiming at the slaves? What if the killer had been aiming at the slave's mistress, a woman, a real human being, but had missed? In that case - it would be murder!

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Science Fiction
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