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Captain Dublin
And The Vurt Pirate

A new science fiction story featuring Kate Dublin, an intergalactic space cop in the Earth External Police Force.
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Chapter One
A new space mission on an alien planet, for the intergalactic police.
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Chapter Two
A bar on a space station provides the setting for the second chapter in this science fiction story.
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Chapter Three
Kate Dublin heads into outer space in the next chapter of this thrilling SF story.
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New Chapters of
Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate
will be released on this site soon.

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Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate

Chapter 2 - A None Too Quiet Drink

Kate Dublin's first problem was her second in command, Kirby Lore. She trusted Lore, and if it had been up to her she would have confided in him, and taken him with her to Sarg. But Commander Yukos had told her to go alone and take no one with her. Since she rarely flew a mission without Kirby Lore, she knew he would realise something was up the moment she left the base without him. And when she refused to even tell him about the mission she also knew he would feel insulted. After much deliberation Dublin decided that the best time to broach the subject when Lore was drunk. So that evening she invited him for a drink at the main bar on the starbase.

This did not go as Kate had hoped. Kirby Lore was a heavy drinker when off duty and she usually tried (unsuccessfully) to encourage him to cut down on his drinking. So the moment she asked him to join her at the bar he was suspicious. Then when he realised she was buying the drinks he decided his suspicions were confirmed. Not that Captain Dublin ever tried to shirk buying a round in a bar, but when the two of them drank together she was deliberately slow to get her round in, in a (usually vain) attempt to get Kirby to drink more slowly. Tonight there was no delay. He had not even finished one drink before she was up and buying the next one. And she herself was drinking faster than usual, as though trying to hurry him up too. Kirby Lore was not stupid, he could see what was going on.

"OK, enough is enough!" Kirby yelled at Dublin as she handed him his sixth drink before he was even half way through his fifth. "Why are you trying to get me drunk? Did someone die? Or are you about to fire me?" Kate replied "Neither, it is about my next mission." He looked at her and asked soberly "Is it in the Thalion System?"

Some time back one of their cases had taken them into the Thalion System. Things had gone badly wrong, innocent people had died and Kirby had been responsible for most of the deaths. As a result he was banned from most of the inhabited planets in that system, and several people living in the system had sworn they would kill him if they ever got the chance.

Kate answered him: "No. At least I have no plans to visit Thalion at the moment, but I have so little to go on that I cannot rule anything out. The main reason I wanted you drunk before I told you about the mission is that Commander Yukos has ordered me to go alone. You are going to have to sit this one out." Kirby exploded at this news. "It has been three weeks since we returned from our last mission. Three weeks of R&R is about as much as I can take. If I have to remain here while you are gone for however long this mission lasts, I'll go crazy. You will probably come back and find I've turned to drink and become a borderline alcoholic!" Kate was about to point out that he already turned to the drink whenever they were not on a mission, and in her opinion was already a borderline alcoholic. But before she could say this Kirby asked "So what is this mission about? And why am I excluded?" Kate took a deep breath before answering. This would be the hardest part to tell him, but it had to be done. "That is the second reason I wanted you drunk before talking about this." She said. "I can't tell you what the mission is. Commander Yukos has ordered me to keep it secret from everyone. Even you. Sorry."

On hearing this Kirby Lore exploded with anger. That Captain Kate Dublin had expected. However she had expected him to just yell at her. He did not, he screamed at the the entire room. And this was where she realised that her idea to ply him with drink had probably been a bad idea. Sober he would have had the sense to keep his voice down and direct his anger at her. But with a few drinks inside him his ability to be discrete was numbed. Kirby was not yet drunk. Knight Brew was a strong beer - four and a half pints of it would have got a lesser man drunk, but Kirby was used to drinking vast quantities of strong ale, it would take more than four and a half pints to get him drunk. But it was enough to numb his common sense. So rather that getting angry with his superior officer, he yelled at the world in general, and the people in the bar in particular. "They don't trust me?!?!!! I've been in the force since I left school! I have been loyal to the force in all those years. I have made mistakes, sure. But everyone makes mistakes occasionally. However I have never been untrustworthy, never been indiscreet. Yet now they are mushrooming me. Now they are telling me that I cannot be trusted. They are keeping the latest mission a secret from me. They don't even want to tell me what the mission is about, let alone send me on that mission. Me. ME! I have always been trustworthy, I have never been indiscreet!"

As Kirby took a swig of drink and drew breath to continue his tirade, Kate took the opportunity to interrupt him with: "Well you are being indiscreet now. If you are prepared to yell all this at a full bar room, you cannot be offended, or even surprised, when Commander Yukos decided it would be a good idea to keep you in the dark." Anger flitted across Lore's brain. For a moment he looked like a man who desperately wanted to hit someone or break something. But this lasted only a few seconds before he realised the truth in her words. Meekly he sat down and apologised.

Calmly, but in silence, the two of them sipped their drinks. Neither thought that any real harm had been done, except that Kirby had looked stupid and confirmed (if conformation was needed) his reputation for hot headedness. But other than that, neither felt that any harm had been done.

But neither of them knew that there were people in that bar who knew about the Vurt pirate, and that those people had a vested interest in the piracy continuing. And neither of them realised that these people would guess that Captain Kate Dublin's "secret" mission was to capture this pirate. So neither of them were aware of the harm that Kirby Lore's outburst had indeed caused. And neither of them could foresee the trouble this would produce.

Trouble and danger for Kate Dublin that would threaten her mission before it had even started.

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A science fiction detective story set on a planet where women rule and men are kept as slaves.

On Planet Dominatrix only the women are considered human. Men are considered less than animals. They are property, male slaves, to be bought and sold. And to be used in any way their mistress desires. Since these men slaves are not considered human, just property, the killing of a male slave is not considered murder. If you kill someone else's man slave without their mistress' permission then it is vandalism. But no one really cares about the dead male slave.

However what if the killer was not aiming at the slaves? What if the killer had been aiming at the slave's mistress, a woman, a real human being, but had missed? In that case - it would be murder!

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Science Fiction
detective story

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