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Sci-Fi Stories
Captain Dublin
And The Vurt Pirate

A new science fiction story featuring Kate Dublin, an intergalactic space cop in the Earth External Police Force.
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Chapter One
A new space mission on an alien planet, for the intergalactic police.
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Chapter Two
A bar on a space station provides the setting for the second chapter in this science fiction story.
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Chapter Three
Kate Dublin heads into outer space in the next chapter of this thrilling SF story.
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New Chapters of
Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate
will be released on this site soon.

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Captain Dublin And The Vurt Pirate

Chapter 1 - An Unusual Mission Briefing

Captain Kate Dublin was called into the office of her boss, Commander Yukos. Commander Yukos was a naturalised Earthman, but was not born there. He was a Vurt by birth and even dressed he would never be mistaken for a true human because of his purple skin. Naked he would have an even harder job of convincing anyone that he was human, the Vurt male's sexual organs were extremely different to the human male's sexual organs, being over two foot long, spiky, and constantly changing colour. They are also located on his chest, exactly between where his nipples would have been if he were human (when the Vurt took up the human sport of boxing they changed the rule to "no hitting above the waist").

Captain Kate Dublin immediately sensed this would be no ordinary mission, Commander Yukos seemed nervous and reluctant to get to the point. This was not like him, he was usually so sure of himself and his command. His commands were usually barked as orders, no pussy footing around, and he expected them to be obeyed. Rather that get to the point the commander began to give Dublin a potted history of the relationship between the Vurt and the Human Race. Dublin knew all this already, but she listened politely.

The human race had first encountered the Vurt over a hundred years previously. The humans had colonised an uninhabited planet in the same solar system as the Vurt. The Vurt were a friendly, peaceable race at about the same stage in their development as the earth had been in the 1950's (just before the first moon flight). The humans and Vurt got on well. Although the Vurt had not yet mastered space flight the humans taught them all they knew in this, and other areas. The Vurt were grateful, and in turn traded goods such as food and minerals with the colonists at a preferential price.

But just as not all Humans were good, even in the 23nd century, not all Vurt were good. They were also not all grateful. There were some who believed it was the duty of the humans to give their knowledge to the Vurt freely, and that by accepting trade at a preferential price, the humans were stealing from the Vurt. They were a small but powerful group (over a third of their membership was, not surprisingly, made up of rich merchants who objected to being made to trade at a lower price by their government). This group eventually got together the money and manpower to buy plenty of weapons and steal a hopper ship (a short distance spacecraft used only for travel to planets in the same solar system, in this case between Vurt and the planet the Humans had colonised).

They invaded the human colony and conquered it, making the human colonists their slaves. The government on Vurt tried to help, but they only had two hopper ships, and these were no match for the weapons the conquerers held.

Back then Earth had it's own problems, and it was over twenty years before a military armada could be sent to free the colonists, but in those twenty years the stories of the cruelties of the conquering Vurt constantly found their way to earth. The Vurt became thought of as monsters, many fiction films were made where the Vurt were shown as an evil conquering race, usually beaten by a square jawed human hero at the end of the movie. Humans soon began to believe all Vurt were monsters.

The human colony was freed about eighty five years ago. But by the 23rd century human life expectancy was about 120 years, so this was well within living memory. Also the films were still occasionally shown on television. So many people were still suspicious of the Vurt. People like Commander Yukos still suffered prejudice, fear, and even hatred. And they knew that any further atrocity from any Vurt would make matters a lot worse.

After this brief history lesson, Commander Yukos at last began to brief Dublin on her mission, but he was still hesitant.

The problem was in the Sarg sector. A pirate gang were hijacking ships in that area. They were a vicious gang, rarely were there any survivors of their attacks. They boarded ships, killed the crew, and made off with the cargo and anything else of value on the ship, leaving the ships drifting (it is difficult to sell a stolen space ship without getting caught). Only on a couple of occasions have there been any survivors, and these were crew members who had remained hidden throughout the attack and were never found by the pirates.

The pirates were believed to be based on Skalon, a planet orbiting a sun on the very edge of the Sarg sector. A rough fronter world where life was cheap and criminals found a reasonable welcome provided that they paid well and did not practise their trade on Skalon.

Captain Dublin got up to leave, but the commander called her back. "There is one more thing you need to know Kate" he said. Now Captain Dublin knew there was something wrong, he never called her Kate, usually "Captain Dublin" or more often just "Dublin". He continued "I also want to ask you a favour". This really rang alarm bells with Dublin, Yukos never asked favours, he just gave orders and expected them to be obeyed.

"I need you to keep this mission quiet. Go alone, bring the pirates in as quietly as possible. I do not want anyone to see them, or know anything about them." Dublin looked confused as Yukos said this, and reluctantly he explained his reason. "It will cause a lot of people a lot of problems if the story of this pirate becomes common knowledge."

"The only witnesses we have claim that the Pirates are Vurt".

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A science fiction detective story set on a planet where women rule and men are kept as slaves.

On Planet Dominatrix only the women are considered human. Men are considered less than animals. They are property, male slaves, to be bought and sold. And to be used in any way their mistress desires. Since these men slaves are not considered human, just property, the killing of a male slave is not considered murder. If you kill someone else's man slave without their mistress' permission then it is vandalism. But no one really cares about the dead male slave.

However what if the killer was not aiming at the slaves? What if the killer had been aiming at the slave's mistress, a woman, a real human being, but had missed? In that case - it would be murder!

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detective story

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